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This book is Acting, on Television.

This book will tell you everything you need to know about bluffing your way onto the set as a professional actor.

These are the questions you were too afraid to ask.

These were the things they didn't teach you at drama school.

These are the tricks that get you the job from the audition.

These are serious ways to re-start your acting career.
These are some of the the ways to get auditions.
This is not a pretentious book on 'acting.'
This is the plumber's guide to acting.
With some carpenter's notes on writing comedy for TV.
Real rules, real world, real tricks and tips.

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'This is a is a really informative book and it's funny.' It even makes me laugh, and I wrote it!'

Colin Bennett. Author.


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This book of secrets is dedicated to my family Click here

I thank them along with Andy Warhol, Paul Aitken, Alan Rickman, Chris Day, Polly Hootkins, Richard Evans, Corinne Rodriguez, Paul De Feitas CDG, Jill Pearce, John Messenger, Peter O'Toole, RADA, Alan J W Bell, Keith Cheetham, Anthony Hopkins, Charlize Theron, Tom Jackman, Bruce Willis, Geoff Young, Roger Moore, Adam Knight, Peter Bourke, Lord Bernard Miles, Christopher Pilkington, Michael Dolenz, Lesley Powell, Warren Breach, Ken Cheeseman, Carol Groves, Woody Allen, Becky De Souza, BAFTA, Roy Kinnear, Francesca Greene, Paddy Ferrall, Peter Sellars, Philip Headley, Humphrey Bogart, Colin Prockter, Ingrid Bergman, Al Pacino, Jeremy Lee, Frazer Ashford, Wayne Sleep, Chris Hayes, Sally Power, Tony Hart and to everyone who has been on my TV courses and to ALL Casting Directors everywhere.